Friday, March 4, 2011

The Purpose

Little adding to play with the layout, but also in case any of my followers from my other two blogs stumble here, this is going to be for my writing. Specifically for a challenge a friend and I are re-starting. 60k in 60 Days. We had started it almost 2 weeks ago, but between my novel being a little too serial killer thought process for me to stick with a solid 2 months (especially now, it seems with meditating and studying it's hard to stay in a dark mood to write it) and my friend has been having a lot of emotional issues so hasn't been able to keep inspired. So we're starting again April 11th. So, I have until then to come up with a new novel idea, but I do have something in mind which is much more in tune with my thought process now. Stay tuned for updates :)


  1. How exciting! I might use my work in progress and play along from behind the scenes.

    P.S. Now you must come up with something for Pagan Fiction in 113 Words or Less. Maybe a little glimpse into one of your stories. I'm sure you can come up with a Pagan serial killer. I know, that was a terrible thing to say *shame on me*

  2. Actually, I'm absolutely intrigued by the minds of serial killers: my first degree is in Social Psychology with an specialization on the Criminal Mind. And two of my favorite characters in fiction are Hannibal (The Cannibal) Lecter and Andrew Compton the serial killer from Exquisite Corpse. There is something about the criminally insane mind that begs to be studied, and I LOVE to study dangerous things through fiction.