Friday, March 11, 2011

Needing to Toss Ideas Around...

So,started on some basic character info jot notes last night and still don't know what sort of 'danger' and 'bad guy' I'm going to have for this story. So here's a basic synopsis to give an idea of what I'm planning.

Lily, 12yr old girl, and Sara; 6yr old sister, are stuck spending Summer vaca with their grandmother. Sara loves it, but Lily's reached the age where 'middle of no where forest' isn't cool or fun...Anywhoo, to make it simple, their grandmother is a witch, but Lily thinks she's just old and lost her marbles basically, until she wanders in the forest, gets lost and manages to stumble through a Faerie Ring into the unnamed Faerie Land (I'll come up with something fun and Faerie-like lol) and has to save 'Faerie Land' in the end, etc.

Yea, so need some random ideas thrown at me for what or who is destroying 'Faerie Land'....Anything, no matter how silly, can help please.


  1. Give me some conflict. Will Lily's little sister walked with her and then Lily will have to save her? Or maybe her little sister gets trapped, and Lily escape only to have to swallow all her I'm-a-teenager-and-I-know-everything-pride and ask her granny for advise?

    So many possibilities, but the truth is that I love what you already have.

  2. I've snatched your very cool button!

  3. From the most beautiful of all fairies. The Lily (not knowing that some fairies are wicked) leave Sara with, in order to go exploring. Lily's lack of knowledge costs her dearly, and again, she'll need her old crone granny to teach her.

  4. Maybe there could be a spell coming from a far away villain. This spell turns good fairies into bad fairies and what was once a kinda fairie land that the two sister's felt comfort in, becomes a dangerous place.