Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Behind Rat Rescue...

So, for anyone who follows my other blog(s) you may have seen we had recently gotten two young ratties from a local pet store. They were, in technicality, my friends I'm living with right now (long story lol) but I was paying back for them and they would be coming with me when I moved back to Sarnia - hopefully with my hubby in our new house if this works out.
Well, unfortunately, the adorable little dumbo boy with a blaze, has left this world already. I was praying my intuition was wrong, but it seems he had Mega Colon (genetic disease, easily avoided by proper breeders) and I have been talking with a woman who runs a rescue nearby as the store is stupid and we got one boy and one girl, so she was to be taking our girl as we looked for a boy...Well, we might still rehome the girl and look into two boys from kijiji or the rescue itself. There are two nice older boys I'm asking about, and a couple of younger litters with boys left from kijiji I have e-mailed about, so we shall see.

Anywhoo, I had thought about doing a rat orientated book for ages. Sort of a rescue one, but from the point of view of the rat. Sort of, family buys their kid a rat from the pet stores; kid gets bored so they take it back; repeat a couple times until he ends up at a rescue and then his forever home....Not positive yet though.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Faerie Names

I'm working on Allumineria again, as I did a rough draft of an expanded version of The Never Ending Dance and it still needs a lot of work to make it up there to something I can submit to Realms of Fantasy so am leaving it back burner for the moment and waiting for it to inspire me again, so want to work on my faerie novel.

I have switched to writing free hand over keyboard and have the first chapter started on, though don't like it as much as my first go at it, but first draft so no editing right now - that's why my Fantasy trilogy (LandStar Legends) hasn't made it past book one, chapter one in over 6yrs LOL but I was hoping for some help from my lovelies. I am no good with names, and have a few in mind for the main Faeries, but of course would love some input. I have the faerie name generator so might put in some randoms and see what pops out and what I can use, but always love some ideas from fellow creators!