Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Faeries Did It...

So....figured I'd toss up the basic principal idea for the novel I'm going to do for this....It's an idea done many times before, although not insanely over-done and easily made unique. The idea of a more modern day witch (although she doesn't know or believe it yet) and her being kinda tossed into Faerie Land of some sort...sort of a Labyrinth meets Peter Pan idea in my mind. I downloaded the 1985 Legend movie after seeing a clip on Danni's Blog for the last of the February Faerie blog party and want to watch it soon. I think it'll give me ideas, I was also inspired by a short story a blogger had posted for her for her birthday during the blog party, I forget the author's blog though.... I might end up watching Labyrinth for the millionth time (own that DVD) for the sake of it too hehe and because I love it. Should pull my Faerie Oracle out and dust it off too for some guidance from my Faerie friends.
I will most likely do up some Faerie drawings for character and fun and might post a couple here. Still got a few weeks til we start again, but want to be sure I have enough of my info ready to go so I won't get stuck too often.


  1. Danni is such an inspiration, isn't she? And her post of Legend was very contagious. I found myself looking for my copy just to find out that I haven't own and VHS player in years lol. So I was complaining about it and a friend got me a copy for my birthday. I'll watch it then.

    P.S. I got a Pagan Culture in 113 Words or Less button now ;-)

  2. I need a link to the blog you want to display for the Witches in Fiction party. Thanks for being my first Guest. I'm really excited about this one!