Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Behind Rat Rescue...

So, for anyone who follows my other blog(s) you may have seen we had recently gotten two young ratties from a local pet store. They were, in technicality, my friends I'm living with right now (long story lol) but I was paying back for them and they would be coming with me when I moved back to Sarnia - hopefully with my hubby in our new house if this works out.
Well, unfortunately, the adorable little dumbo boy with a blaze, has left this world already. I was praying my intuition was wrong, but it seems he had Mega Colon (genetic disease, easily avoided by proper breeders) and I have been talking with a woman who runs a rescue nearby as the store is stupid and we got one boy and one girl, so she was to be taking our girl as we looked for a boy...Well, we might still rehome the girl and look into two boys from kijiji or the rescue itself. There are two nice older boys I'm asking about, and a couple of younger litters with boys left from kijiji I have e-mailed about, so we shall see.

Anywhoo, I had thought about doing a rat orientated book for ages. Sort of a rescue one, but from the point of view of the rat. Sort of, family buys their kid a rat from the pet stores; kid gets bored so they take it back; repeat a couple times until he ends up at a rescue and then his forever home....Not positive yet though.

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